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Release Year: 1980
Cast: Bruno de Walberg, Lucien Malard, Pierre Tanguy, Elyes Ardini, Laurent Miala, Sydney Mckenna, Matthias Chamberlain, Lorenzo Bellini, Frederic Lemaire, Farid Zenogin, Michel Lenne, William Delem, Raphael Carter, Ralph, Christian Hoarau
Genres: Feature, Classic
Video language: English

International pre-condom compendium from In Tense Heat as well as Dream Boys aka Dream Buddies – consists of four complete films from the acclaimed director, and I gotta tell you, it’s hard to say which one is the best among them.

Escalier de Service has a bunch of hot and hugely hung humpies who run an apartment-painting service, with more emphasis on the "service" rather than painting. Eventually they have several luscious trysts on the staircase, in plain view of all to see. Any of you need their apartment building painted or their throats whitewashed? Terrific "public" sex, with an unexpected and quite hilarious moment of old-lady-neighbor intrusion.

Le Chantier (aka Working Men) has moments of pure joy, including a young man secretly leaving his slumbering co-worker to head to the bathroom and jack his meat and douching his puckering hole with a shower nozzle before invading himself with a broom handle – all while his formerly-sleeping buddy watches. (The soundtrack is filed with off-camera screaming and yelling, just so you know.) It eventually leads to deep oral and blown loads. The second part features a chiseled African dude in hardhat working in the underground before a hirsute co-worker happens upon him and decide she wants in… which he does with his fingers the use of an oil can’s contents before poking him.

Stop may actually be my favorite (I know – I said I couldn’t decide which one was my fave. Well, I’m getting a hardon just writing about it, so this must be the one). Simple set up, astounding outcome: A ridiculously hung young guy is hitchhiking his way to St. Tropez. He meets up with a biker who is more than happy to give him a lift – that is, if our young buck uses his over sized stick shift on him. Wait until you get a load of the hitchhiker’s load squirting out of the biker’s asshole. Yummy.

Garçons de Rêves (Dream Boys) is truly phenomenal, and caused quite the uproar back in its day. Stories involving horny-while-pretending-to-take-confession masturbating priests usually are. The film is set in a clinic of sorts, but I guarantee you the A.M.A. hasn’t seen anything like this: two massively hung male nurses plow the hell out of a young cover model Laurent Mialat in a sequence that had me rethinking my usual horror at getting my temperature taking anally. When’s my next doctor’s appointment, anyway?

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Duration: 1:46:51
Video: 704×576, DivX 5, 762kbps
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