Colby vol.6


Muscle twink Colby might be in pain, tightly roped to a chair, perched on a narrow beam, a large steel ball on the end of a steel shaft deep up his ass, but he is determined to blow a big load of boy cum. Maybe, he thinks, these men will let me go if I bust a nut. His lean stomach quivers as he gets closer to climax, and then – pow! – he pumps out a huge load, coating his right hand with cum and leaving a nice splatter of boy juice between his legs, his chest heaving against the ropes holding him in place. But we are far from done with him. Matt pulls him off the “boy seat” and replaces the steel shaft-and-ball with the hard-rubber butt plug, holding it deep in place with rope. Then he bends the boy over a bar stool and ties him down good and tight, binding his wrists and knees, leaving him to moan in ass-fucked agony. A little whipping adds to the fun. This prize boy isn’t going anywhere for a very long time.

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