Dominated Men – Oscar – Part 1


Oscar has a sexy deep voice and I love it when he calls me ‘Boss’. He’s a handsome man and it’s no surprise that he’s done clothes modelling in the past. However, this is a decidedly different experience – he’ll be spending the vast majority of the time completely nude – and he seems pensive.

Oscar loses at the guessing game and will therefore be shaved, hit with a belt, receive a cum facial and be used by a stranger after I have finished with him. He visibly blushes as my hands explore his body and one minute he says he’s done this before (been touched by a guy) and the next he says it’s his first time. I show no interest; he’s here to be used!

He smiles when I comment on his hairy mass of pubic hair, but he quickly looks more serious when I remind him that I’m going to be shaving them all off!
Oscar obediently sniffs and worships my feet before getting tied to the bed and having his body shaved, including his prized bush of pubic hair! After this, I get him on all fours like a little puppy and rim his sweaty hole. It’s not something that he’s experienced before and this new sensation gives him an erection that I triumphantly display to the camera, much to his embarrassment.

His tight ass is loosed a little bit with my ambitious fingers before I train it using toys. I then give Oscar a thorough fucking and I make sure that I film the reaction on his face as I plough his virgin ass. Oscar is a great fuck and he seems to enjoy it a more than he’d admit – his first time sex with a guy seems to have made him cum a little bit.

I tie Oscar to the bed and leave time for his balls to recharge and for his ass to recover from the pounding. During this time, I phone the stranger who eagerly texts back to confirm that he’s on his way. Oscar’s ordeal is nowhere near over!…

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