School Bullies: Head Boys Cum Dump (2014)


Release Year: 2014
Cast: Guy, Derek, Steve
Genres: Fetish

Sixth form head boys Master Derek and Master Steve are bored, stuck in a double period of Geography, but Derek has a plan to liven things up and humiliate the school arse-slut josh in to the bargain.
Planting a filthy porno magazine in front of josh, Derek gets the slutty sub in trouble with Master Guy, their teacher. Stirring things up even more, Derek suggests that maybe josh wants the things shown in the porn magazine to happen to him…?
It might be josh’s fantasy but what sub wouldn’t want a masterful Top to dominate and defile them? A hairy Master like Guy to penetrate and fill their anus with his powerful thrusting cock, or a handsome Top like Master Steve or Master Derek pushing a thick hard penis into their wet willing mouth, face fucking them until they unloaded a sackful of spunk into their slutty throat?
Lucky josh then; Master Derek has already decided his cock is going to get serviced by josh’s mouth and slobbering tongue. Not wanting to miss out Master Steve and Master Guy also line up to use and humiliate josh, taking their pleasure as they see fit, getting sexually satisfied by the sub’s moist mouth and lips. These Tops are going to make josh their obedient little cock whore.
Sucking Master Derek’s penis hard, josh’s attentive mouth moves on to service Steve’s thickening member as Derek rips down the sub’s underwear, exposing the shy boy’s penis and bare bottom to the world. The explicit photos in the magazine has given our Top some ideas on how to further degrade josh in front of the teacher and other students, the sight of the sub’s bare arse firing up Derek’s unquenchable appetite for sexual satisfaction. Put simply he’s a randy little fucker that will penetrate and dominate anything if it fulfills his immediate carnal needs…

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 10:36
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 1929kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 155.3 MB