Sean Duran Fists Brian Bonds, Scene 1


Studio: FistingCentral
Cast: Sean Duran, Brian Bonds
Genres: Anal, Boots, Fisting,Handballing, Fetish,Unusual,Kink, Oral, Rimming, 1080p

Brian Bonds pulls his ass apart, and Sean Duran eagerly presses his face into Brians hairy crack. With his fingers, Sean pushes his saliva into Brians sensitive hole, and the blond stud responds with guttural moans. Readying himself on the table, Brian mentally prepares himself to take Seans massive cock. Sean wastes no time, immediately switching into power top mode. He slaps Brians ass while continuously thrusting his meat into Brians hole. The doggy style position enables Sean to penetrate deep into Brians guts, opening up Brians back passage with his girthy cock. Rolling onto his back, Brian jerks his hard, thick meat while Sean pulls on a glove. Lubing up his hand with slick, white lube, Sean slowly begins working his fingers into Brians hole. Soon he has all four fingers inside up to the knuckle, and with a slow, steady, determined motion, he pushes his entire fist inside Brians man cave. Sean moves in and out, satisfying Brians deepest cravings to be filled up and stretched to the limit. While his fist is in Brians ass, Sean bends down and gives Brian some oral care as well. Sean keeps the pressure up on Brians guts, and Brian responds by shooting a huge, dripping load onto his thigh. Pulling off the glove, Sean kneels directly above Brians open mouth and strokes out a thick, white stream of cum. Brians tongue stretches out, eager to taste Seans seed, and he wraps his lips around the tip of Seans dick to suck out every last drop.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:32
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Audio: 183kbps

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