swb – Valentine Hearts and Deflowering


Cast: Corey Gunz & Jordan Beatz

Corey Gunz is a hot hipster redneck who is straight but doesn’t mind getting naked and performing for the camera for some $$. Till now he’s had a couple bjs, but never fucked a guy or kissed or made out. It’s Valentine season, a time for lovers and horny studs, and we’re here to see how he’ll react to the right guy and the right moment.
The guy is cool, tatted and pierced sexpot Jordan Beatz, who is patient and thirsty enough to give Corey the perfect opportunity to initiate into the men who fuck men . Jordan kneels between Corey’s thighs and slowly licks and sucks Corey until his impressive cock rises up to its full dimensions. He rolls on a condom and climbs on, pulling Corey’s dick inside to show him just how hot, slick and tight a man’s hole can feel to a rockhard prick. The waterbed rumbles and rolls as Jordan slides forward and back on Corey’s hot meat, and finally Corey has to take the bait and be the top stud we knew he could be.
Corey pins back Jordan’s legs, drives deep into the slick hole. He closes his eyes and revels in the smooth tight ass welcoming his first-time male fuck. Jordan reaches up to caress Corey’s hard, hairy chest. Jordan looks up and moans as they take to doggy-style and Corey pounds into him from behind. Once more on his back, Jordan can’t take any more and feels the cum spurting out all over his pubes and tight abs. Corey whips off the rubber and starts to stroke off. A little lube on his palm starts the sperm welling up inside. He sprays a thick load of molten Valentine goodies all over Jordan and raises an eyebrow at the camera in appreciation for the hot fuck.
What’s next? When he showers off with Jordan, we find that Corey likes getting his ass eaten. So maybe that’s the next orifice to conquer!?

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:32
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3902kbps
Audio: 156kbps

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