Will Swagger & Rowdy Mcbeal


Studio: Guybone

Will Swagger = worth the wait! We’d been waiting months for this muscle stud’s schedule to align with ours for a shoot and it finally happened, with hot pup Rowdy McBeal no less, for one incredibly steamy, masculine, spit-filled scene!
I’ve never filmed so much spit and sweat all in one scene before. It’s so fucking hot to see two horny as fuck brut dudes going at it, dripping beads of sweat all over each others’ bodies, spitting on all the right parts.
The guys started on the couch and it was immediately clear that pup Rowdy was game for whatever Will ordered from him. The age difference, not to mention alpha pooch position Rowdy placed Will in (which he gladly accepted), was so hot to watch in action. Rowdy practically begged Will to pull his fat cock out so he could swallow every inch of it.
After returning a blow job, Will commanded Rowdy to flip over for a rim job. He ate his ass like a pro, squeezing Rowdy’s milky white butt cheeks with his manly hands. His stubble must have tickled like hell on Rowdy’s hole, but he clearly loved it.
I asked to see Rowdy unroll a condom on Will’s massively thick dick because it’s something that usually goes unseen. It’s there, but doesn’t often get center stage. I wanted to see a dude sheath another dude’s stiff cock in rubber, all that anticipation of a good fuck just moments away. Sure enough, that simple action got them even hotter and it was on to the main event as Will bent Rowdy in half, legs tossed up on his shoulders, burying his throbbing manhood completely in the pup’s ass.
They fucked on the couch in a couple positions and then moved to the bed so they had some more room to maneuver. By this point, the spit had been flowing freely, in and out of each other’s mouths, all over boners, and into assholes. But it was on the bed that the sweat really began dripping.
Able to fuck Rowdy’s hole full , Will was a sex machine that couldn’t be stopped. He got so overheated, the windows fogged up, both guys were wringing wet, and the bed was soaked. Fucking hot! What’s manlier than a chiseled dude dripping sweat onto another while he fucks him deep and fast with his stiff as rock cock? Not much, in my opinion.
Rowdy was more than happy to blow his load from his pierced cock, bellowing in , as Will gave his dick a break and fingered Rowdy’s loosened hole knuckle deep. I’d originally asked Will to coat Rowdy’s face with his cum, but he was enjoying the feel of Rowdy’s tight ass wrapped around his dick so much that he convinced me to let him cum while still inside him. Then, he pulled out, removed his condom, and made Rowdy juice the nut he’d deposited in the rubber. Rowdy seemed to enjoy the thick, creamy load, sucking every drop he could from the condom. The two finished with a salty and satisfied kiss and I knew I’d just witnessed one of the hottest fuck sessions on GuyBone yet.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:01
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2432kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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