XConfessions – Intruders by Travis Matthews – Ronaldo Serruya , Bruno D’Ugo


Did you know that they say that what you find most abominable in life, is what you find sexiest in bed? I live in a country where elite corruption runs wild. Criminals with white collars steal our wealth, the bourgeoisie is fucking us economically, and do you know what I most want as a poor man trapped in this elitist system? I want to fuck them. I want to fuck their ass really hard. I want to go into one of them and leave him unguarded. A tense, solitary executive, completely clueless, who from so rich can take all he owns and he will not even raise an eyebrow. And I’m fucking crazy. Not rudely. I have to confess and admit and I admit right here for you that these white-collared men are the only ones that make me horny.

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