Release Year: 2001
Studio: Falcon Productions

The World Meets Matthew Rush
Falcon’s high-quality feature film for 2001. Bounce unveils their new exclusive, Matthew Rush. Rush is a six foot tall, blonde muscular guy with a great smile and big cock. In short, he’s a classic Falcon top man.
Another interesting thing is that the film appears to have been shot in the same stone walled, furniture-less open room at Mustang’s Bang! was filmed. After watching this feature, it is interesting to note that these two films, which are essentially all-sex loop flicks, make a great double feature.
Matt Majors hooks up with curly brunette Eric Leneau in the first scene. Majors is a hot muscular guy with a big uncut cock. After Eric sucks on it for a bit, Matt waves his thick uncut cock around for us all to enjoy. In fact, a friend of mine became a "Majors fan" after seeing this and started collecting his other recent work. This turns into a hot scene.
After a lot of kissing and foreplay, the two are joined by the goateed Justin Dragon and sexpup Michel Mattel. The boys have a nice four way with Majors and Dragon fucking Leneau and Mattel. It’s hot to watch the two bottoms kiss, while getting reared by the studly topmen.
The second scene couples blonde Derek Cameron with brunet Daniel Montes. This scene also has some nice foreplay with kissing and fondling on the couch. Soon, Cameron is sitting on Montes’ cock, and Cameron shoots a lot of cum at the end.
The third scene is the film’s high point. It starts with the introduction of Falcon exclusive Rush, who meets the cute little Hans Ebson, and the two start kissing. They are joined by the German blonde Hans Hintern (from Bjorn’s Wet Dreams). All wear sexy underwear. Fans of underwear, or simple sexy licking and kissing foreplay will enjoy this scene’s slow buildup.
Rush unveils his topping skills by banging Hintern, and then Ebson. Ebson visably appears to really enjoy it. Ebson screws Hintern too, which is pretty hot. Rush spurts a hefty, visible load onto Ebson’s face. Then Ebson’s cum-caked face grins as he cums onto Hintern.
The final scene is a leather scene between the long-donged Buck Meadows (In Deep: Miles to Go) and blonde bottom Jackson Price. Before long, the smooth-skinned, nipple-ringed Price is in a black sling receiving a full bore pounding from the deep-voiced Meadows. Price’s cavernous hole eventually plays host to dildos, buttplugs, anal beads, and ultimately Meadows’s arm. Some bottoms have all the fun!
If you like the A&F look, and are looking for an accent towards sensual kissing and body licking, you’ll like this. Remember, consider checking out BANG! as well. It’s a lot of hot sex and would make a good double feature with Falcon’s Bounce.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:25:35
Video: 800×600, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.5 GB