How To Prep A Rubber Gimp


This is a great bondage and shaving scene by Rank and his MIR (Mister International Rubber) friends. In order to create the perfect rubber gimp, the gimp must first have a full body shave which allows a rubber catsuit to slip on easily. In the case of this shaving scene the gimp is first restrained in a suspended metal stock. This allows Rank to shave under his arms with ease, and prevents the gimp from resisting or flinching. Fist mitts create an additional sense of helplessness. Notice that Rank is dressed appropriately with rubber booties and an apron. The shaving went well, but the subsequent wash-down was done with wet towels doused in ice water. This got quite a reaction from the helpless gimp but he was soon covered with a skin-tight latex catsuit which looked fantastic.

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