Kennedy & Taylor’s Bathtub Fuck


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Two of our most enthusiastic young newcomers get paired up here for a hot fuck in the bathroom, and each one of these studs clearly couldn’t be happier than to show off their skills for us!I’m thrilled both Kennedy and Taylor not only agreed to get in to some guy/guy action for us, but have also taken to it so well! These guys have been eager to show themselves off for us, and have proven themselves to be about as horny as two college studs can be in every situation we put them in to. Seeing them take turns sucking each other’s cocks makes that clear – they really go at it, swallowing as much hard dick as possible and doing all they can to drive the other wild.For his part, I think Taylor’s discovered he absolutely can’t get enough of being on the receiving end of a hard dick. I’m glad that’s the case, because that flawless ass of his looks incredible on the receiving end of a hot fuck!As great as these guys’ bodies and cocks look in action, though, it’s their faces you have to see throughout this video! Their expressions leave no doubt they’re having fun, and Taylor’s moans and groans are priceless as he takes Kennedy’s big cock and his big load!