Kevin Brady – Sex Criminal Pt 1


Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

Kevin Brady is a 21-year-old personal trainer living in the not-too-distant future, when having sex outside of marriage is a felony punishable by extreme torture. Immediately after being sentenced as a sex criminal, Kevin is dragged into the torture chamber, wearing the street clothes he was arrested in 24-hours earlier. A leather-clad guard cuffs the youth’s wrists behind a steel bar dangling in midair then chains the cuffs to a leg spreader. Another man, older and imposing, stands before Kevin. In a stern voice he tells the young man he has committed a serious crime against the state and Almighty God and must now suffer for his sins by being stripped naked and crucified. But first his beautiful body and genitals – the instruments of his sin – will be “weakened,” to make his crucifixion even more terrible. He will be gut-punched. His genitals will be shocked and his back bullwhipped. Kevin’s shirt is ripped-off by the guard, revealing a well-muscled torso. “Such beauty, the perfect sacrifice to our Lord,” the man in charge whispers to himself, his cock stiffening.

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Duration: 15:05
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