Kevin Brady – Sex Criminal Pt 2


Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

“Please, mercy!” Kevin Brady begs as the guard torturing him removes two special, medical-grade electrodes from Kevin’s ripped abs and places them on either side of his ball-sack. The ab-shocking was just a test before the real show: shocking the balls, using specially designed electrodes that contain both positive and negative contact points, delivering two flows of current between the pads from two separate sources. The electrodes work perfect on the abs, delivering just the right level of high-voltage/ low-current to cause maximum pain but not permanent damage. Kevin looks amazing as he electro-tortured, throwing back his head and arching his back each time the current flows through his balls, then collapsing, hanging by his arms. The torture shows off his abs both crunched and sucked in. After repeated shocks, the boy passes into a state of semi-consciousness, twitching and shaking in pain but no longer screaming. He is lowered to the ground, splayed flat on his back, then raised up by his wrists – ready for the singe-tail whip.

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Duration: 17:27
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